EZ Faux Décor LLC’s worry free installation will assist you through the process of installation and application of its product.

We know you are excited about receiving your NEW Granite or Stainless Steel PVC/PET Film, BUT please allow the product to acclimate to its new home for 24 hours. (every home is different and the film needs to adjust to your home’s temperature)

Prior to installation clean the surface that you will be applying the self-adhesive film too. We recommend:

A.  Cleaning with any ammonia free window cleaner. (cleaners with ammonia in them will cause a reaction with our adhesives and may cause the product to bubble) Windex, Cinch, Glitz and many store brands make ammonia free window cleaners. If you don’t have any?  A bottle of water and a little vinegar will do just fine.

B. allow the clean surface to dry.



EZ Faux Decor’s film is a heavier gauge product than most other brands, we recommend that you invite a friend to assist. Cut a piece of the PVC Film for your longest or largest surface that is to be covered.

Start at one end, and spray part of the surface with a fine mist of normal tap water. Peel back the backing paper and begin laying the PVC Film on the surface about 4 inches at a time.  We have included a squeegee.  Use the squeegee to smooth out the water and any potential excess air and wrinkles. In most cases, squeegee the vinyl at a 45 degree angle with overlapping, firm strokes will rid the vinyl of surface imperfections.

Spray another 4 inches and repeat step 4.  This is where the extra set of hands come in. The water you are spraying allows the product to be repositioned, move it as needed, glide a little here and there. The adhesive we use allows movement and adjustments for 24 hours. If you need to step away you can.

Don’t be afraid to spray and squeegee.

 7. Last step is to enjoy………. EZ Faux Decor’s films are:

  • Water Resistant:                Resists water regardless of the amount.
  • Tear Resistant:                   Up to 330 pounds of pressure per yard.
  • Stain Resistant:                  For items such as grape juice, ink and wine.
  • Wear Resistant:                  Resistant to abrasions.
  • Weather Stable:                  For outdoor use of over 800 hours.
  • Dimensionally Stable:       When exposed to hot and cold.


EZ Faux Decor How To

How To: Corners

Update a Refrigerator With Stainless Steel Film

Tools Needed
Working with Softmetal film is relatively easy. Special tools are not necessary. A pencil, a ruler, a squeegee, scissors, and a sharp knife are all you need. A hair dryer or heat gun is a must for corners! Special skills are not required. Anyone can install this product.

Surface Preparation
If there is one area to place your focus prior to installation, it is surface preparation! Most failed installations happen as a result of poor surface preparation. Please take the time necessary to completely smooth and clean the mating surface. Rough surfaces should be sanded smooth and cleaned of dust. The entire mating surface then should be cleaned twice.

The first cleaning should be with a typical household surface cleaner (i.e. Windex). The cleaning should remove surface grime and oils which find it’s way onto the surface.


After the surface has been cleaned of dirt and oils, the surface needs to be cleaned of the residual chemicals found in the cleaner you just used to clean it! As crazy as it may sound, the chemicals left on the mating surface by the cleaner can react to the adhesive on the film and create a gas!!! Bubbles will rise. We have found that once this chemical reaction has occurred, the film’s adhesive will not recover from it and the installation will fail.

To eliminate the potential chemical reaction, scrub the mating surface with a vinegar and water solution. We have found this works better than alcohol. Once the surface has been scrubbed, apply a final coat of the solution and wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth. Now you’re ready to install the steel film!

Granite Film Install- STEP 1

Granite Film Install- STEP 2

Granite Film Install- STEP 3

Granite Film Install- STEP 4

Vanity Installation Stainless Steel