Q & A

Q: I have beveled edges on my kitchen island, how can I apply this film to the edges?  A:  Apply heat to the top and bottom of the film using a blow dryer or heat gun to make the film soft and pliable. We suggest using the heat method on the total application to make the application easier as well it will adhere and the adhesive will cure quicker.
Q: I have a laminate and wooden piece of countertop with a slight space in between, can this be applied as one piece across both counters? A: Yes, the film is heavy gauge and will cover up most spaces. If you like you can use some acrylic caulking.
Q: Can you cut directly on it? A: You will want to protect it as you would with any other countertop. We always recommend a cutting board.
Q: Will it work on textured surfaces? A: Our film is a heavy gauge PVC film. It is twice as thick as most brands. The film is thick enough to cover most scratches and texture. If you have grout lines or deep grooves we suggest filling in with acrylic caulk and smooth it out first.
Q: How will it hold up? A: Tear Resistant: Up to 330 pounds per yard. Stain Resistant: Grape juice, ink and wine. Wear Resistant, Fade Resistant, Water Resistant. Dimensionally Stable: When exposed to hot and cold. Heat Resistant: Up to 240F. 5 Year Warranty.
Q: How long will it last? A: The film is made using a calendered process similar to vinyl flooring. We offer a 5 Year Warranty. This film will remain for as long as you want. It’s totally removable without sticky residue.
Q: How do I remove the film? A: Our film is made with a water based adhesive. This allows fast easy and removal without sticky residue. We recommend using a blow dryer to heat up one corner of the film, take a hold of it and pull it all up at  once. Use any household cleaner to spray and clean your surface.
Q: What if I need product wider than 36″? A: The film can be installed just as you would with wallpaper.