Q & A

Q: I have beveled edges on my kitchen island, how can I apply this film to the edges?  A:  Apply heat to the top and bottom of the film using a blow dryer or heat gun to make the film soft and pliable. We suggest using the heat method on the total application to make the application easier as well it will adhere and the adhesive will cure quicker.
Q: I have a laminate and wooden piece of countertop with a slight space in between, can this be applied as one piece across both counters? A: Yes, the film is heavy gauge and will cover up most spaces. If you like you can use some acrylic caulking.
Q: Can you cut directly on it? A: You will want to protect it as you would with any other countertop. We always recommend a cutting board.
Q: Will it work on textured surfaces? A: Our film is a heavy gauge PVC film. It is twice as thick as most brands. The film is thick enough to cover most scratches and texture. If you have grout lines or deep grooves we suggest filling in with acrylic caulk and smooth it out first.

Q: How will it hold up? A: Tear Resistant: Up to 330 pounds per yard. Stain Resistant: Grape juice, ink and wine. Wear Resistant, Fade Resistant, Water Resistant. Dimensionally Stable: When exposed to hot and cold. Heat Resistant: Up to 240F. 5 Year Warranty.
Q: How long will it last? A: The film is made using a calendered process similar to vinyl flooring. We offer a 5 Year Warranty. This film will remain for as long as you want. It’s totally removable without sticky residue.
Q: How do I remove the film? A: Our film is made with a water based adhesive. This allows fast easy and removal without sticky residue. We recommend using a blow dryer to heat up one corner of the film, take a hold of it and pull it all up at  once. Use any household cleaner to spray and clean your surface.
Q: What if I need product wider than 36″? A: The film can be installed just as you would with wallpaper.

Commonly asked questions:

What tools do I need to cut and apply?
The material can easily be cut with scissors or a craft knife.  A tape measure or ruler for measuring.  Use a plastic scraper or more specifically one of our application squeegees for applying.  Lastly a spray bottle with warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid mixed in and a hairdryer for surfaces where edges need to be wrapped.

What surfaces will the material stick to?
Surfaces must be clean, free of dust and wax.  Smooth surfaces such as glass, gloss plastics, painted wood and laminated furniture will offer the greatest adhesion.  Porous surfaces such as unpainted MDF or plywood will require a primer to be applied. (Kilz works nicely) Film will cover textured appliances nicely and don’t require any special treatment, just clean and apply.

How can I avoid bubbles when applying the material?
The easiest way to apply vinyl is to position in place, then peel back a small section of the vinyl and fold the backing paper under.  You can now stick the leading edge down.  Now, whilst pulling the backing paper off squeegee the vinyl down with smooth actions.  You can also use the spray bottle mentioned above and moisten the surface prior to sticking the material down, you can then squeegee the bubbles and excess liquid out, allow to dry.  DO NOT use the spray on porous surfaces. (untreated/painted sheet rock)

How do I remove any bubbles?
The vinyl has  bubble resistant backing.  What does that mean? The backing has diamond shaped channels which allow air and water to be squeegeed out as you apply the vinyl. These channels allow the water and air to escape whilst you squeegee. You will be able to hear the air escape and you will be able to see the water come out as you squeegee. When you apply the vinyl the water does not dry right away.  It takes about 24 hours or longer for the water to dry under the vinyl after applying, then the adhesive will cure and set up. If you get a couple of air pockets 24 hours later……..don’t worry.  Use the squeegee again, or prick the surface with a needle and press the air out through the hole.

Can I apply sheets to round edges?
Of course! To do so, simply heat up the vinyl while you are working with it with a hair dryer on low pull the film into the form desired and squeegee down.  If the sheet is heated, the corners and edges can be pulled into place without any problems.

Can I use the vinyl in outdoor areas?
The vinyl can be used outdoors for shorter time periods.  The vinyl has a 5 year Warranty for indoor purposes.  The outdoor life will depend on your weather conditions. Under harsh conditions the film will hold up for 30 days and up to 3 years.

What kind of temperatures can the self-adhesive sheets withstand?
The vinyl withstand temperatures between 14F up to 240F without problems.

How heat-resistant are our films?
The vinyl can withstand temperatures of up to 240F for short periods of time.  We do not recommend direct contact with hot pots, pans or dishes but realize sometimes it happens that a pan is too hot and you must put a pan down for a brief period. If this happens……..don’t worry. Yes the film will get warm, it may lift up……….if this happens just put a stack of books on it.  It will re-adhere to your surface. The permeated image will not become distorted. With all countertop surfaces we recommend the use of hot pads, pot holders, trivets etc. BUT realize sometimes things happen.

Can vinyl be used in areas that have contact with water?
Yes, the material is waterproof, if you wish you may  seal the edges/corners with silicon clear caulk.

Can the vinyl be removed?
You can remove the vinyl by gently heating and pulling from the edge. There may be a little glue residue. Any residue may be removed with just about all household cleaners.  (our adhesive is water based) Our vinyl is NOT your grandma’s Contact Paper.

Can I clean the material?
Yes, any general household cleaner can be used even light abrasive cleaners like Soft Scrub. Clorox wipes work nicely as well.

How durable are your vinyl’s?

Our PVC/PET Vinyl films  have been tested using KSM Standards 3006,6734,2274,3501 and 3073. Please contact us if you would like a copy of all formal testing.
Tear Resistant up to 330 pounds per yard.
Stain Resistant for items such as grape juice, ink and wine.
Wear Resistant, Fade Resistant. 
Weather Stable for over 800 hours in harsh conditions.
Dimensionally Stable when exposed to hot and cold.
Heat Resistant up to 240F.
5 Year Warranty.