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Ez Faux Decor offers a seamless blend of superior quality and unmatched convenience, revolutionizing the way you enhance your living space. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of any flat surface with Ez Faux Decor's easy DIY design, requiring less than a day to complete while remaining affordable for all budgets.

Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, Ez Faux Decor offers unbeatable reliability and peace of mind. Join the thousands of satisfied customers knowing you've chosen the ultimate solution in home decor with Ez Faux Decor, a trusted family-owned business for more than two decades.

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A Family Business Serving You for 20+ Years

Ez Faux Decor's premium peel & stick self-adhesive products have been highlighted in numerous prestigious home decor shows and covered across multiple media publications.

Renowned for its exquisite high-quality designs, Ez Faux Decor showcases a level of realism that has earned placement at events such as the Golden Globes, as well as on esteemed Hollywood Movie Sets including acclaimed productions like Men in Black, HBO's Homeland, Jason Bourne, Pitch Perfect 2, and more.

With Ez Faux Decor you can experience the unparalleled ease and affordability of achieving the authentic look of real marble, granite, or stainless-steel that will leave your guests in awe!

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