EZ Faux Decor LLC’s worry-free installation will assist you through the application process.  Please read through the entire installation process prior to beginning the product installation. We provide a step-by-step pamphlet with all orders. We encourage all customers to upload before & after projects of their projects for a chance to have your photos featured!

Before You Begin

We send the film rolled very tightly to prevent damage during shipping; therefore, it is ideal to unroll the film and lay it flat under a weighted object, such as a book, on each corner for 24 hours prior to product application. This will also allow the product to adjust to your home's temperature which will allow for an easier application. During this 24-hour period, separation from the backing and minor ripples are normal and will not impact the application.  

Tools Needed

Special tools are not necessary, nor are special skills required.  Anyone can install this product!  Your Ez Faux Decor order includes a squeegee to help you smoothly apply the product to any flat surface. To ensure the best results please also gather the following tools: 1. Pen or Pencil 2. Tape Measure or Ruler 3. Sharp Cutting Tool: Scissors or Utility Knife 4. Hair Dryer (Used for Applying Around Edges) 5. Ammonia Free Cleaner OR a Spray Bottle of Water + Some Vinegar 

Surface Preparation 

For optimal application, focus on surface preparation! Ensure the surface is completely smooth, clean, and dry. Sand rough areas and remove any dust. Clean the surface twice: first with an ammonia-free cleaner or water + vinegar solution, and then with water only to remove residual chemicals. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying your Ez Faux Decor film.

    Product Application Process

    1. Measure and cut PVC Film slightly larger than the surface to be covered, allowing for trimming. A hairdryer can be used to warm the film for easier cutting.
    2. Peel off backing paper gradually a few inches at a time, smoothing film onto surface as you go. Use a squeegee or soft cloth to flatten out any air pockets, working from the center outward.
    3. Once applied to the entire top surface, you can adjust the film within 24 hours of application if needed.
    4. Wrap film around edges by pressing firmly and warming with a hairdryer. For corners, create "wings" of excess material, fold one under the other, and trim.

    Thank you for using Ez Faux Decor! We hope you enjoy your new surface!