EZ Faux Décor LLC’s worry-free installation will assist you through the application process.  Please read through the entire installation process prior to beginning the product installation. We provide a step-by-step pamphlet with all orders, as well as a walk through tutorial via your mobile device that can be accessed by the QR code below. We encourage all customers to upload before & after projects of their projects using Faux Film for a chance to have your photos featured!

Before You Begin

We send the film rolled very tightly to prevent damage during shipping; therefore, it is ideal to unroll the film and lay it flat under a weighted object on each corner (i.e. books, etc.) for 24 hours prior to product application. This will also allow the product to adjust to your home's temperature which will allow for an easier application. During this 24 hour period, separation from the backing and minor ripples are normal and will not impact the application.  

Tools Needed

Special tools are not necessary, nor are special skills required.  Anyone can install this product!  Your Ez Faux Décor order comes with a squeegee to help you smoothly install your new Granite or Stainless-Steel PVC/PET Film. To ensure the best results please also gather the following tools:

  1. Pen or Pencil 
  2. Tape Measure or Ruler
  3. Sharp Cutting Tool: Scissors or Utility Knife
  4. Hair Dryer (Used for Applying Around Edges)
  5. Ammonia Free Cleaner OR a Spray Bottle of Water + Some Vinegar 

Surface Preparation 

If there is one area to place your focus prior to installation, it is surface preparation!  Most failed installations happen because of poor surface preparation.  Please take the time necessary to completely smooth and clean the mating surface. It is essential that the surface is dust-free, clean, and dry. Rough surfaces should be sanded smooth and clear of dust. For optimal results, the entire mating surface should be cleaned twice. The first clean should be done with any ammonia free cleaner or a water + vinegar solution. Cleaners with ammonia in them might result in a reaction with our adhesives and may cause the product to bubble.  Windex, Cinch, Glitz and many store brands make ammonia free window cleaners.  After cleaning the surface of dirt and oils, a second clean should be completed using only water to further remove any of the residual chemicals found in the cleaner.  We know this two-step cleaning process may sound crazy, but any chemicals left on the mating surface by the ammonia free cleaner can chemically react with our adhesive on the film creating pockets of gas bubbles and resulting in an uneven surface once applied. Once both cleans are completed, please allow the freshly cleaned surface to completely dry prior to installation.  Once dry, you are ready to apply your new Ez Faux Décor film to your surface! 

    Product Application Process

    EZ Faux Decor’s film is a heavier gauge product than most other brands, we recommend that you invite a friend to assist.    

    1. Measure and cut a piece of the PVC Film for your longest or largest surface that is to be covered. It is recommended to extend the measure a couple inches that can be trimmed later. The hairdryer can be used to warm the area desired to be cut making it more pliable. 
    2. Peel off the backing paper 4-6 inches at a time and begin to apply the film. Slowly remove the backing paper with one hand, as you smooth down the film with the other hand. Smooth outward from the center at a 45-degree angle towards the edges with the squeegee or soft cloth to flatten out any air pockets. If the air bubbles are large, then carefully peel back the film and reapply. 
    3. Once entire surface has been covered, you can carefully make any adjustments of the film for up to 24 hours. 
    4. Edges: You can wrap the film around any edges by firmly pressing while warming the material with a hair dryer until it adheres. 
    5. Corners: Leave enough overhanging material to cover the corner. Insert cutting tool into the corner and draw outward fo form 2 inch "wings." Fold one of the wings under the other wing and trim vertically. Then remove the pointed section with the cutting tool to trim off excess material from the back edges. 
    6. Seams: Line up two pieces by overlapping them. Please straight edge over the two pieces cutting through both sheets at the same time. Pull one section up and remove excess material. 
    7. Finishing touches: You may finish your project by using a clear bead of caulk at the seams and edges, but it is not necessary! 
    8. Getting Rid of Air Bubbles: When you apply the vinyl film it takes about 24 hours for the moisture to completely dry under the film. During this time, if a few air pockets appear do not worry. Simply prick the top surface with a needle and firmly press the surrounding surface to extract air bubble. 

    Thank you for using Ez Faux Décor! We hope you enjoy your new surface!