Ez Faux Decor LLC’s worry free installation will assist you through the process of installation and application of its product. All orders come with in-depth detailed step-by-step instructions, and a squeegee tool.  

Working with Faux Film is relatively easy and does not require any special tools nor any special skills. Anyone can install this product! For the most effective application of our self-adhesive film, it is best however to have an extra set of hands available to assist you while applying the product. Besides the product and squeegee included in every order, you will need the following tools:

  • Pen or pencil to mark where to cut
  • Tape measure to align product and surface dimensions 
  • Ammonia free window cleaner (vinegar + warm water will work as an alternative)
  • Pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut film
  • Hair dryer to firmly mold and crease around corners

Tips & Tricks For A Successful Application

  • All product to acclimate to your home's temperature for 24 hours
  • Having an extra set of hands to help align product 
  • A thorough cleaning of the surface prior to application 
  • A patient and careful application with frequent use of the squeegee (If surface still shows minor bubbles, allow product to settle)

Once all supplies are gathered, and your newly delivered product has acclimated to your home's temperature over a 24 hour period, you just need to follow our simple 7-step installation process (more in-depth instructions of each step are included with order). Most failed installations happen as a result of poor surface preparation. Therefore please take the time necessary to completely smooth and clean the mating surface. Trust us... as crazy as it sounds... the entire mating surface should be cleaned twice.

The EZ 7-Step Installation

  1. Initial Surface Preparation to Remove Grime & Oils 
  2. A Second Thorough Cleaning of Surface 
  3. Measure and Cut Out Desired Dimensions 
  4. Peel Off Backing Paper and Apply to the Surface 4 Inches at a Time 
  5. Repeat Step 4 while Using the Squeegee to Smooth Film on the Surface and Hairdryer to Mold Around Corners 
  6. Once Entire Surface is Covered, make any Final Adjustments and Leave the Surface Untouched for at least 24 hours 
  7. The Last Step is to ENJOY

More detailed and in-depth step-by-step instructions will be included with your order. If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page!